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Propane powered Blue Bird Vision

    Our new and used school bus selection is certain to have the solution suited for your unique requirements. Interested in our school bus leasing programs ? Brian Linnens can assist you. And don’t forget about Blue Bird®  school bus parts, options, and accessories, including luggage units.

Developing bus specifications ?  Great, just  click here ! That long yellow school bus you rode as a child has come a long way. Today’s school bus options include conventional, transit, propane and diesel. The Vision,  (Blue Bird’s high-visibility conventional school bus), Micro Bird (a cutaway bus with numerous seating configurations), All American transit (rear and forward engine), student-safe activity buses like the NEW Goodland activity bus pictured below. 

Blue Bird Unveils GAS-POWERED TYPE C Vision Bus


Blue Bird is the only major manufacturer to offer a Type C gasoline-powered school bus. Utilizing much of the same proven technology and engine architecture as their class-leading propane-autogas powered bus, Blue Bird's new gasoline bus will offer the same reliability and durability that customers expect - at a lower acquisition cost. Additional Blue Bird is standing behind this new offering with a 5 year/unlimited mileage powertrain warranty. (read more)

Blue Bird School Bus SAFE Activity Buses

Blue Bird Activity Bus  Goodland KS

Ask Brian Linnens about an activity bus for your school! School bus safe with the comforts of motorcoach interior.

Call Brian Linnens at (800) 365-0217 FOR PRICING.

Blue Bird EXCLUSIVE Safety View Vision panel option   New and used school bus inventory. Blue Bird, Thomas, El Dorado National, Collins, all manufacturers, models, passenger configurations. For more information call Brian Linnens, school bus sales, (800) 365-0217 or (316) 722-4291. 
Offering the same unparalleled safety, reliability, and value, the Blue Bird Vision offers the greatest loading and unloading zone field of vision in a conventional school bus and transit style All American. Now you can order a propane-powered Micro Bird, too.
  Offering unparalleled safety, reliability, and value, the BlueBird Vision offers the greatest loading and unloading zone field of vision in a conventional school bus in the industry. Propane or diesel available.  
 Blue Bird D3 All American front & rear engine   You'll find the All American Transit school bus has great maneverability. That's why it's the choice of so many school districts where driving through residential neighborhoods requires the ability to make sharp turns. Available in both Front Engine and Rear Engine and in floor plans for 48 to 90 passengers. 
G5 School Bus by Girardin   The Micro Bird school bus has standard features which are ONLY OPTIONS by other school bus manufacturers. Blue Bird Type A school bus floor plans start with as few as 9 passengers all the way up to 30 passengers. Optional CE White passenger seats available.
Blue Bird Activity Bus   A Blue Bird Activity bus provides over-the-road coach comfort with school bus construction and safety. The Blue Bird All American Activity Bus meets ALL FEDERAL FMVSS SAFETY STANDARDS. Show your school spirit! Choose your graphics and colors to promote your District.
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 Blue Bird logo  New and existing options for Blue Bird school buses to include when writing bid specifications. Fresnel lenses, convection heating systems, LED lights, luggage compartments, video surveillance equipment and many more.
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