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Kansas Truck Equipment knows that downtime is not an option.  You need your work truck to perform, your school or commercial bus to haul, and your mobility equipment to be reliable. We carry a large inventory of parts onsite and guarantee 24-hour parts delivery to customers in Kansas and beyond. Plus, our service department has everything it needs to make repairs in a timely manner.  No waiting for parts, no unnecessary delays.

For commercial bus, school bus, truck, and mobility, we have the parts and expertise to outfit and/or repair your equipment.

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“I want to thank you and all of your staff for everything you have done for me in the past 22 years. Everything at Kansas Truck says to me that I am important.”

“…Then there’s the parts department. They were fast, polite and friendly and again made me feel that I was such an important person to them. All of them from Dan to Alicia, to Dave, were so ready to do whatever they could to get me the parts I needed and back on the route again. I know that doing a job day in and day out can make a person lose their enthusiasm and just want to say ‘what the heck.’ But I never got that from any of them. They have always been there for me and were always such an amazing help. You may never know.”

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