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Case Studies

Case Study:  Plow Solutions for winter maintenance of more than 30 properties.

What: Commercial landscaper.

Need:  Reliable product and reliable dealer.  Wanted a system that was easily interchangeable without removing plow mount system.

Why: A variety of needs calls for versatility and reliability.

Solution: BOSS straight blade 7’6″ plows provide the right width and durability for parking lots.  The BOSS system allows for blades to be interchanged between vehicles easily and allows for a variety of blade types to fit unique situations.  Kansas Truck’s location, ease of service and desirable products make them the right partner.

Case Study:  BOSS universal undercarriage increases landscaper’s ability to “run” even when some things don’t.

Who:  Nick Thomas, founder and president, Cutting Edge Lawn & Landscape (316) 390-1443, wichitalawn.com

Need:  Cutting Edge Lawn & Landscape added snow removal to the company’s menu of services which also includes mowing, landscaping, fertilization, and irrigation.  Thomas said he likes to “under promise and over deliver.”  He needed a way to keep running even if a truck was down in order to keep his promise of clearing snow every two inches.

Solution:  Thomas chose the BOSS VXT snow plow for two reasons:  the interchangeability of undercarriage mounts and the ‘right now’ service Kansas Truck Equipment provides.

Result: Cutting Edge Lawn & Landscape can get the job done using multiple trucks and plows which can be interchanged at a moment’s notice because of the universal undercarriage attachment system that works for several BOSS snow plow models and the simple patented 3-step SmartHitch system.

Case Study: Thinner TommyGate aluminum liftgate creates more space and increased weight capacity for delivering 200 lb. to 1000 lb. commercial and residential HVAC units.

Who: Shelby, general manager, AMSCO Supply, Wichita, a wholesale distributor of heating, air conditioning and parts and supplies.

Need: Better liftgate solution. Salesmen make deliveries of HVAC units in company trucks. Current liftgates were steel and due to the chemicals and salt used on our roads and streets, they were showing corrosion, cables were stretched out, and payload was compromised because of the weight of the steel liftgate.

Solution: Kansas Truck installed the G2 Series TommyGate aluminum liftgate, fabricating a special switch to make it easy for drivers to operate. The lighter weight aluminum platform is thinner so there is more useable bed space. Because the liftgate is lighter, the GVWR is increased and more HVAC units can be transported at one time. G2 Series doesn’t rely on cables so there’s nothing that gets stretched out over time. Aluminum is more weather and chemical resistant. The TommyGate is spring-loaded and can be easily closed with only one hand.

Case Study: Rugby aluminum dump bed solves landscape subcontractors’ payload challenge.

What: Landscape subcontractor.

Need: Lighter weight but durable dump bed to maximize payloads of gravel, dirt, sand, stone, and other landscape materials for in-town delivery.

Why: DOT requirements on weight reduced load capacity which increased his delivery cost.

Solution: Rugby aluminum dump body from Kansas Truck Equipment Co. Maximized load capacity for in-town deliveries by decreasing the weight of the dump body, thereby increasing the amount of product which could be hauled resulting in increased profitability. (Rugby aluminum truck bodies available in 8 and 12 foot lengths.)