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Leasing vs Purchase of a School Bus

Has your school district considered Lease over Purchase? Kansas Truck Equipment Co., Inc. can discuss financing and leasing programs for new and used school buses.

“When school budgets are strained, the pay-as-you-go philosophy may not leverage your assets to their greatest potential,” said Brian Linnens, Chief Operating Officer, Kansas Truck Equipment Co., Inc. Linnens, a graduate in Finance from the University of Kansas, and 15 years’ experience in school and commercial bus sales. He said a lease-purchase program may help a school district stretch their dollars.

Linnens said that when school transportation departments postpone new bus purchases, the “savings” leaks into maintenance – replacing equipment and parts on old buses.  “At some point, it simply is not cost effective, nor a good investment, to continue spending money on a bus that should be “retired”.  Through our network of financial associates, we can help your district with several options on lease-purchase agreements. We can also help you with an extended warranty or a deferred payment program.

Brian Linnens and Dave Perry will be at the USA-Kansas Convention Vendor Showcase, Wednesday, May 31, 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm, Century II Expo Hall.