COVID-19: A Note Regarding Business Hours & Operations

Kansas Truck Equipment and Kansas Truck Mobility are open for business, but we are closely monitoring the situation.

The coronavirus COVID-19 is forcing many companies to shutter their doors and offer alternative ways of servicing their clients.

Currently, we are operating during regular business hours and continue to employ a full staff in our Bus, Truck Equipment, Mobility, Parts, and Service departments.

During these difficult and rapidly changing times, we will look to our national, state, and local authorities to guide next steps if and when they become necessary.

The safety of our customers is important to us. To that end, our staff is deploying rigorous sanitizing practices in all community gathering areas within our facility.

We want you to know we share the collective confusion and frustration of our friends, neighbors, and even employees. Until this global crisis ends, and it will, we want you to remember we are all in this together. If you need us, we’ll be here, because we have been, for over 60 years.



In Memory of Zack

Zack mobility van Recently, Kansas Truck Equipment lost a beloved family member. Richard “Zack” Zackula passed away on September 15, 2018. Along with his wife, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, our staff mourns his loss and cherishes his memory. He was a visionary within the company and a champion for people with disabilities.

Looking Back…

Zack was just 21-years-old when he started working for Kansas Truck Equipment. This was years before our second building and mobility division were even a speck on the horizon. As a mechanic, Zack worked in the shop installing farm bodies on trucks for rural customers. He also worked in our fledgling bus division, delivering Blue Bird buses across the state of Kansas.

In an article featured in School Bus Fleet, Zack talked about the booming bus business and how he was able to deliver so many at a time:

Service Manager Karl Gragg would rent a small plane and fly Zackula and other staff members to a Blue Bird plant that was in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

“He’d land in a cornfield — literally,” Zackula said. “We’d drive the bus back to Wichita. The next weekend, we’d deliver the bus somewhere in Kansas.”

Zackula recalled a time when they delivered a bus to Tribune, Kan. “Karl landed on a sod airstrip to pick us up.”

Mobility Division was Inspired by Zack’s Ingenuity

Today, our mobility division is housed in a second building and features a showroom where customers can view products in a climate-controlled environment. Zack’s ability to fabricate real life solutions for mobility issues was the impetus for our mobility line. When he retired after 48 years, the mobility department had become his legacy. Over the years, Zack touched the lives of thousands and considered many to be his friends. He enjoyed our annual Mobility Rodeo because it gave him a chance to chat with customers new and old.

Heart and Soul of Kansas Truck

During his nearly five decades at Kansas Truck Equipment, Zack built long-lasting relationships with coworkers. He was a foreman, mentor, manager, and friend. He may have had a lack of patience at times, but he was also known for his “great big heart” and mischievous smile. President of Kansas Truck, Maurice Linnens, described him as the “Heart and soul of our business. He was authentic and you always knew where you stood with him.”

To our friends and customers who have reached out over the last few weeks – Thank You. We love hearing your stories and we know you’re hurting too. Thank you for helping us celebrate the life of Richard “Zack” Zackula, a person who showed us the importance of helping our fellow man and paying it forward whenever we can.


bus winter

It’s Never Too Early to Get Your Buses Cold-Weather Ready

bus winter

School is back in session. That means buses are tuned up and ready for a new season of daily driving and field trips galore. While your school bus fleet may be in top condition right now, it’s never too soon to plan for old man winter.

Review this quick Seven-Point list now and take action so your department isn’t in the deep freeze later.

  1. Are all coolant lines and connections leak free?
  2. Do you have proper coolant/antifreeze on hand?
  3. Are proper filling procedures being followed?
  4. Do you have starting aids such as a coolant block heater/intake manifold heater or oil heater on hand and ready to go?
  5. Has the fuel/water separator been drained?
  6. What is your plan for a winterized diesel fuel?
  7. Do drivers know about the High Idle switch and its proper usage for longer idle times in cold weather?

“Few school budgets allow for an extra route bus, so anticipating cold weather requirements can really save the transportation department headaches and money.” Jason Jackson – Bus Service Manager

The Parts Department at Kansas Truck Equipment can help you with winter fronts, fuel filters, fuel/water separators and more. Most parts available for delivery within 24 hours. Call for more information – (866) 948-3849.

For more details on cold weather prep ideas refer to this article by Cummins Engines which appeared in the monthly publication, School Bus Fleet.

Kansas Truck Equipment is proud to be the only Cummins-certified Blue Bird Bus dealer for the state of Kansas.

rei mobile video surveillance

Benefits of Mobile Video Surveillance

rei mobile video surveillance

Safety and cost are a transportation director’s two most important responsibilities. So a solution like mobile video surveillance from REI on school buses offers long-term benefits that far surpass the short-term cost.

1: Provide a safe environment for Students, Drivers and Monitors

A safe environment in student transportation is one that combines responsibility with accountability, and mobile video surveillance can keep drivers and aides accountable to transportation directors and fleet managers. It can also keep students accountable to administrators and parents, allowing administration to address parental concerns in a timely manner.

Inside the bus, video surveillance offers footage over high back seats, something that can’t be done from a rear-view mirror. Students can benefit from the ability of video surveillance to record stop-arm violations and capture license plate information. Video surveillance footage can benefit your school district in many ways, protecting your transportation teams in the process.

2: Minimize Costs

It goes without saying that safety is the most important part of a transportation director or superintendent’s job. But they also must find ways to reduce costs, both in the short-term and the long-term.

Mobile video surveillance on your school bus fleet allows you to monitor the performance of your drivers and aides and spot opportunities for improvement in their performance. Real-time location information can be immensely helpful in improving the efficiency of your drivers, and improve your training, both of which can save on costs such as equipment downtime, fuel costs and overtime cost. Well-trained employees can reduce risks, which can have long-term insurance savings. Another benefit of mobile surveillance is that it can even save on maintenance costs by identifying issues with equipment before they become costly repairs.

3: Reduces Vandalism

We mentioned accountability earlier, and studies have shown that the presence of mobile video surveillance reduces vandalism. That can save further on unnecessary maintenance costs.

Mobile video surveillance on buses creates an environment where drivers and students can feel safer. Parents and administrators can rest easy knowing that drivers aren’t alone in keeping an eye on things.

For your custom quote, call Dave, Dan or Alicia at Kansas Truck Equipment Co., Inc.
(316) 491-2995 or (866) 948-3849

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