Masterack Smart Space

Organizing a Service Truck with Masterack

2018 is going to be a busy year for service & construction vehicles. We want to offer a great way to make sure you don’t lose out on opportunities because your commercial van and truck equipment is disorganized. Read more


The Boss Snowplow QuickCube™ system – making your snow removal business more profitable

How can the QuickCube™ help your snow removal business?

The Boss Snowplow QuickCube™ system is designed to make your snow removal business more profitable. As you know, salt for snow removal would be dropped off in large piles for ready access to a particular job site. This is troublesome for many reasons. It’s not secure, leaving you susceptible to theft.  It doesn’t look good, and often takes up valuable real estate, especially during busy shopping seasons. But it also affects your drivers’ productivity, because they often have to drive back and forth from a shop to a job site, as well as wait on supplies to be delivered.  Only special equipment can drop off large piles of salt, and the limited number of those vehicles often mean people are idle, which eats into your bottom line. Read more