Masterack Smart Space

Organizing a Service Truck with Masterack

2018 is going to be a busy year for service & construction vehicles. We want to offer a great way to make sure you don’t lose out on opportunities because your commercial van and truck equipment is disorganized.

Masterack® SmartSpace®

This base storage system for modular cargo management offers numerous storage configurations. Rising oil prices mean a lot of new work for many industries that use service truck bodies, but that can also mean higher fuel costs, so the structural foam and aluminum used in the SmartSpace® system can result in up to 35% savings in weight, which means fuel cost savings. All while still holding as much weight as steel, with heavy-duty grade-8 fasteners to secure the system to your vehicle.

With the selection of SmartSpace® accessories, like cubby modules or trade-specific components, you can customize your storage to your unique needs. Since not everyone needs a 30# Freon Track Kit, we offer pre-designed trade packages for a variety of industries. Perhaps equally important is the ability for a new owner to customize the storage to their needs when you upgrade your service truck fleets.

If you don’t want customized vehicle storage, you can choose from a base package, ranging from tall configurations to ones that are more compact.

2018 could have a lot of great opportunities in store for the service and construction industries, and those companies that have efficient vehicle storage can get work done quicker, keep track of their inventory and equipment better and devote more time to getting the job done as opposed to finding equipment.

Kansas Truck Equipment is your exclusive Masterack distributor, so contact us today to discuss your commercial vehicle storage needs.