Honda Wheelchair Van

What should I consider when buying an accessible vehicle from Kansas Truck Mobility?

Recently the blog Climbing Downhill wrote a great article entitled 10 Things to Know Before Buying a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. Kansas Truck Mobility is committed to matching our customers with the mobility solutions they need, so we wanted to add a few thoughts on the subject.

Vehicle Entry Options

When choosing a vehicle entry option, consider the following: parking options, cost, and finally adaptability. Side-entry is the most popular option, but rear entry is also suitable for some situations. You can find more information about side entry vs rear entry in a post we wrote last year, The Evolution of Mobility.

You may also need the ability to further adapt your mobility vehicle based on your needs. It’s important to note that a rear-entry vehicle will not permit the wheelchair user to access the driver or front passenger positions. Therefore, if the wheelchair user wishes to drive the vehicle, side-entry is the only viable option.

Adapting a vehicle for wheelchair access to the driver’s position may include installing a power transfer seat base to permit the wheelchair user to easily transfer to the OEM driver’s seat and get in position for driving. Or, an EZ Lock device can be installed to permit the vehicle to be driven without ever leaving the wheelchair. In either event, hand controls would be installed. The buyer should know that the installed hand controls will still permit an ambulatory driver to operate the vehicle.

Still not sure which vehicle to choose? Take time to test drive or have the adapted vehicles in the Kansas Truck Mobility showroom demonstrated for you. Our vehicle sales and service shop are all under one roof and our service technicians are factory trained in the installation of all products we sell. That ensures the integrity of your warranty.

What funding options are available?

Most chassis manufacturers offer a $1,000 mobility rebate toward adaptive equipment with the purchase of a new vehicle. If you purchased a new minivan and had Kansas Truck Mobility install hand controls, a transfer seat, or a wheelchair securement system, you could apply for a $1,000 rebate toward the cost of this adaptive equipment.

You can also research organizations like the National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility (NOVA) and CPRF, along with many others that may be able to offer financial assistance. In addition, we can direct you to various lending organizations who understand the unique characteristics of this equipment.

If you have questions, we encourage you to call us at (316) 722-4291 or send an email to Chris Walden, our mobility specialist, at