Wheelchair safety standards on school buses

Transportation directors and fleet managers face increasing pressure to answer the question of wheelchair safety standards on their school buses.  Recent changes in the standards of wheelchair tie-down and occupant restraint systems (or WTORS) have added additional considerations to the safe transportation of passengers.  RESNA WC18 is the latest version of industry-accepted crashworthiness evaluation standards. Whether you are a district transportation executive or a parent of a standard that uses wheelchair transportation on buses, it is important to have someone to ask about the equipment necessary to follow these new standards.

A recent study by manufacturer Q’Straint entitled “The Benefits of Implementing Wheelchair Securement Standards” found that while more than 50% of relevant district staff had some familiarity with any kind of wheelchair safety standard, less than 20% could name any specific standards off the top of their heads.  Only 13% reported that they knew of someone specific within their district championing compliance with these standards. Learning the standards themselves and then finding a service partner that can install the equipment necessary to meet those standards are daunting challenges for a busy, budget-restricted transportation director.

For example, WC18 includes a checklist that is more than 3 pages long, and includes such checkpoints as: “The WTORS shall not require removal of wheelchair base or seat frame material, drilling into the wheelchair base or seat frame, deformation of the wheelchair, welding or the use of an adhesive process to connect any WTORS components to the wheelchair unless the WTORS is intended for a specific wheelchair model and the modifications are approved by the wheelchair manufacturer. “ Such a standard requires a go-to service provider.

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