The Evolution of Mobility: Wheelchair lift options for Trucks

In our previous articles, we discussed the expansion of options for mobility vehicles in recent years , as well as which entry option is suitable, rear or side entry. Today, we are going to discuss lift options that apply to pickup trucks, which have not always been the best option for mobility, but products like stow-away packages allow for easy entry into a truck without affecting the interior of the cab.

A popular mobility solution for which many people search is wheelchair lifts for trucks.

Pickup truck wheelchair conversions pose a particular challenge because there is not a lot of space with which to work.  Minivans offer side or rear entry that can be combined with either lifts or powered in-floor ramps. The space of the interior of these vehicles mean a lot options are available for wheelchair accessibility conversion. Most people don’t have access to such options for trucks.

That’s where stow-away seating comes in. Kansas Truck Mobility proudly offers the Bruno® Stow-Away™ power transfer seat. You don’t have to worry about modifying the interior of a truck to accommodate wheelchair access.  The Stow-Away™ padded power transfer seat stays in a sealed drawer under the truck.  One-button operation means you press one button to open the drawer and raise the seat. Once you’re situated, you press the same button and the power transfer seat raises to cab level, with safety handles for stability.

The reason this is a popular search is because of the difference in the purchasing process. Rather than purchasing the entire vehicle with the conversion package already installed, a truck is purchased from a dealership, and the Bruno® Stow-Away™ power transfer seat is installed by a QAP-certified dealer like Kansas Truck Mobility.

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