Going to warmer weather – Accessible Road Trips in the Southwest United States

Winter months are a popular time for getting out of town.  Whether it’s to see distant friends or relatives or to get to warmer weather, even if just for a day, we want to help you with some thoughts and even some recommendations that you might not have considered before.

Where to Go?

National parks in the Southwest make great winter road trips if you’re looking to get away from your winter wonderland.  The National Park Service is putting a greater focus on accessibility within the most popular destinations, and if you haven’t considered visiting these locations, it could be worth taking another look to see if it could be worth the trip. Examples of parks that have made improvements to their accessibility include:

While in Utah, consider visiting the National Ability Center if you would like to explore some activities that aren’t available in other destinations.

Getting Ready to Go

If you have decided to leave town for warmer climates, you should have your vehicle checked to ensure that it is travel-ready for colder climates.

Winterizing your mobility vehicle might include:

  • Checking batteries to make sure they have the appropriate power for colder months.
  • Checking fluid levels such as anti-freeze and oil levels
  • Car wax to protect the finish from salt on streets
  • Lubrication of doors and power ramps to keep water and ice from creating frozen seals that could affect motors.

Before the coldest weather hits, talk to Kansas Truck Mobility to make sure your mobility van or mobility SUV is ready.  Call us at (316) 722-4291 or email us at cwalden@kansastruck.net.