BOSS Plow Shoe

Cast Iron Plow shoe for BOSS Snow Plows

Comes with height adjusting washers

BOSS Hydraulic Fluid

Specially formulated to maintain its viscosity from normal use to as low as -40 degrees

BOSS 8′ 2

Cutting Edge for BOSS V-Plow 8′ 2″

Edges with formed ends are for later model plows

Straight Edges (no formed end) are for first gen. plows

BOSS 7′ 6″ Cutting Edge V-Plow

Cutting edge for BOSS V-plow

Formed End

Snow Plow Emergency Kit

Boss Snow Plow Emergency Kit.

Rugged carry bag.

Sight System Kit

BOSS Sight System Kit Allows you to align your truck and plow from inside your cab for hookups on the first try, every time. Making the fastest plow attachment system even faster and easier.