The World Awaits – More Same than Different Blog 2 Tiffany goes to CR

Getting from point A to point B when travelling is often an adventure in and of itself, because the differences between our country and the rest of the world can be intimidating. Uncertainty about driving laws, currency conversions and other things make foreign travel daunting at times. But, as Tiffany Nickel found on her travels to Costa Rica, there is often more that is similar to home than is different. Those include:

  • Adapting to local driving behaviors (“Becky traverses Costa Rican roads and traffic like a champion in the dark on Friday night with craziness surrounding us!!. Thank goodness for GPS!“)
  • Using Uber for the first time (“Yep, 3 first time Uber users hop in with “Michael “! Pop that trunk, throw the chair in, buckle up and hold on for dear life.”)
  • Busy traffic (“What’s the point of posted KPH signs?! Darla is in prayer with her eyes closed behind me! Left at 5 to go 55 miles. 2 hours later, still not there! Insanity!”)

This certainly isn’t the first instance of interesting experiences while getting around in another country. But we can all likely agree that we face those same experiences here, and we adapt.  If you’ve ever not taken a trip because you weren’t sure how you would get around, keep in mind that it’s not as different from your own city as you might think.

Travel blogger Carrie-Ann L from Kendal, England, has some great tips for visiting London, including what you need to know about getting around in London. The tips don’t just apply to London, and could help you as you begin to think about going about your own travels.

The world is becoming more connected by the day, and that means you can benefit from locals while still enjoying the accountability of a large company. Plus, you can get an Uber in practically any large city, just be ready to hold on for dear life!