The World Awaits – Making the Best

Article #1: Making the Best

We often hear that accessibility is a major reason why people don’t travel often. Equal accessibility across the globe is a goal of many organizations, such as Mobility International USA. While accessibility during travel is a major concern that requires planning, it should never stop anyone from doing things they would like to do.

A fine example of this is Tiffany Nickel, who recently documented a trip to attend an Ed Sheeran concert in Costa Rica, among many other things!

Tiffany shared pictures and recounted stories of her trip, which you can read here. As travel documentarian Reid Davenport said in his story for BraunAbility, “making the best of something doesn’t come down to circumstance or access, but rather a state of mind.” With proper planning trips, such as Sage Traveling’s tips to planning a trip to Europe, you can have your own adventure, too.

In this series of blog articles, Kansas Truck Mobility will gather some helpful resources based on people’s travel experiences, and answer any equipment questions you may have. We will share inspirational stories and the lessons that can offer guidance on how to see the places you want to see.